Do You Know These Hockey Safety Tips?

Published: 21st June 2011
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The one thing that most people know about hockey is how dangerous it is at any level. There seems to be no end to the opportunities to become injured while playing hockey. One particular aspect of hockey is "checking" which is something that can easily lead to injury. Checking is allowed in most age groups and allows one player to crash into another player in order to impede forward progress. A lot of things can happen when this particular play occurs. A player can hit the ice or crash into the boards, and many a fight has erupted over a check. Keep these safety tips in mind when you or a loved one engages in the great game of hockey.

Use common sense and good judgment when selecting hockey skates. Take the time to make sure the skates are a good fit. Don't wear skates that are too small as they may injure the foot. This can also cause attention to be divided between the game and pain or discomfort from ill-fitting skates. If you cannot focus, then you are at risk for injury in an accident. Sufficient support is another thing to look for in skates. Hockey skates should have a protective plastic cup that is designed to protect the toes. Keep your skates in good repair by learning to care for them yourself. You need to keep them in good repair and that means keep the blades sharp.

The pants for hockey also provide important protection. A high quality breezer, as they are called, will come with padding all around to protect you when you fall, collide, or get hit with a puck or stick. You don't want to get side-lined from a painful hit that could have been dulled by proper padding. Plus, the padding in the rear can help protect your tailbone. Tailbones are easily bruised and/or broken on the ice and it's no laughing matter. Not only is it painful but it can also take you out of action for a while. When your tailbone is injured, the hockey bench is definitely not your friend.

If you play hockey, or your child plays in a hockey league, then you know the value of hockey safety tips. When you master the art of avoiding injuries you are able to enjoy a longer season. Safety is important for children of all ages playing hockey whether it's their first season or their tenth. There are many aspects of hockey safety that are not that apparent. Safety rules may change from one league to the next. Serious injuries can be prevented by knowing as much as possible about hockey safety tips.

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